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Hamster Treats

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Hamster Treats

Hamster Treats

Hamster treats should only be fed to the hamster as an occasional supplement and in moderation. Choose treats that provide additional nutrition to their regular diet and limit the amount of carbohydrates and fat you give them. Although carbohydrates and fats provide energy and warmth, if fed in excess they store in the body as fat and potentially cause breeding problems and ill health such as diabetes.

There are a variety of hamster treats to choose from. Pet stores have treats most hamsters love such as salt wheels, treat sticks and yogurt chips. Some treats bought from pet stores are designed to hang from the top of the cage. These treats provide stimulation as well as food to the hamster. However, be aware that most of the treats you find in pet stores contain large quantities of sugar.

Homemade hamster treats are often a better alternative. They are easily accessible and provide better nutrition for your hamster. In addition to fresh vegetables and fruit, hamsters love bread, seeds, nuts, scrambled egg, boiled egg, rice crackers and even small chunks of beef, canned dog food or mealworms. Mealworms are usually found at pet stores that sell exotic pets.

Never ever feed your hamster chocolate or sweets, In addition to having virtually no food value, they can get stuck in the hamster's pouch creating considerable damage which can be difficult or impossible to treat. In general you should avoid feeding your hamster any sticky foods that could adhere to the inner lining of the pouch.

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